Hydroblasting & Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Cleaning

Utilizing high-pressure water to extend equipment life, improve process efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption is a widely used and adopted industrial cleaning application. Evergreen’s trained and certified technicians are equipped with a full range of hydroblasting tools - delivering pressures ranging from 10,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI and flow rates ranging from low to high volumes. 


Evergreen is highly committed to the advancement of automated technology and the safe integration of this equipment into the field. Our objective is to reduce or remove the human element near and in the line of energized cleaning equipment, in order to address and mitigate potential safety concerns. While tube-cleaning technology continues to advance, the success of a hydroblasting project depends on having trained and experienced operators for the equipment and proven processes and procedures under different project scenarios. Using advanced equipment, our highly trained hydroblasting operators can complete each project using smaller crew sizes and less ancillary equipment, resulting in significant cost savings for the customer.  

The success of automated equipment relies on the proper application of the cleaning force directed to the target in the most efficient and safest method possible. We are careful not to over-engineer projects with technology that is not well suited for the customer’s needs and objectives. Evergreen’s R&D group is committed to advancing and incorporating automation using a balanced approach centered on simplicity, reliability, risk reduction, and efficiency gains. 

As a leader in the industry, Evergreen is highly focused on the effective use of available technology and the continuous pursuit to develop new technology – using the right tool for the project.  Evergreen works closely with industry leading OEM’s to ensure the proper and safe engineering of nozzle design, spray patterns, and impact pressures

In the field of automation, Evergreen’s expertise includes:

  • Modified Auto Box Technology – Joint Development Evergreen and Stoneage

  • Modified NLB Safe Flex Lance Drive Systems

  • Peinemann Automated Multi-Tube Lancers – Flexible Lances

  • Rotary Hose Devices 10,000 psi – 40,000 psi

  • Shell-side Machines – NLB

  • Telescopic Lances

  • 2D/3D Tooling/Nozzles – Stone Age and Hammelmann

  • Manway Cannons – Evergreen Developed

  • Robotic Sludge Removal

  • Mobile Vapor Combustors and Thermal Oxidizers

  • Automated non-entry steam drum and boiler tube cleaning.

  • Automated Dump Valves and Safety Measure for Lancing Equipment

  • Auto Box Flexible Lancing Equipment

  • Positioning Systems for Tube Cleaning and Fin Fan Systems

  • High Volume Tank Sweeps

  • Mobile Vapor Combustion for vessel and unit clearing 


UHP Water Cutting

Water cutting is one of the most efficient methods of heat/flame-free, precision cold-cutting available in the industry today. The application of this service can range from complex cutting of towers for removal or simple flange prep utilizing ultra-high pressure water cutting. Evergreen’s trained and experienced professionals have the knowledge to assess, plan, and complete the project in the most efficient and cost-effective way.​


Evergreen Industrial Services has improved the use of soft abrasives for cleaning industrial process equipment. In some cases, abrasive blast cleaning is superior to hydroblasting or chemical cleaning. Our abrasive blasting services can be used on surfaces to remove coatings, soils, or discolorations. This is now an accepted service for IRIS and other NDT inspections. Abrasive blasting services can be used on floor coatings, industrial structures, tank linings, process units and equipment, piping and containment structures.

One of the benefits to using abrasive cleaning is that it is environmentally friendly (non hazardous and biodegradable). It is safe to use around rotating equipment and worker safety is enhanced due to low pressures. The end result is cleaner tubes for IRIS and other NDT inspections.

  • Exchanger tube cleaning for IRIS and other NDT inspections

  • Fin-Fan cleaning for IRIS and other NDT inspections

  • Cosmetic cleaning

  • Dry abrasive tube cleaning (ID and OD)

  • Slurry blast tube cleaning (high pressure water and abrasives)

  • Surface preparation, with the use of soluble and non-soluble abrasives

  • Expert matching of blast media to metallurgy

Featured Project

Boiler Tube Cleaning - Boiler Tube Cleaning System (BTC)

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